18 Oct 2022
Is Virota New?

Since our website went live in September of 2022, many people have been wondering how long we have been around and if this is something we are just “trying our hand at.” It is an understandable question, you want to put your assets in the hands of competent people. But, luckily, that is pretty far from the truth.


Virota was founded in December 2013. We have been selling exclusively on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart since then, to fairly wide success! We process hundreds of orders a day and maintain excellent shipping metrics and customer satisfaction ratings. We have an average lifetime positive feedback rating of 94% going back 9 years across all three of those platforms!


The ownership and staff of Virota have been in the automotive aftermarket parts business for over 35 years in pretty much every capacity you can imagine. From national chain parts stores, dealerships, shops, independent store ownership, and corporate management, so–we bring a lot of experience to the table.


But, if that is the case, why have we only recently started our own website? Good question! Knowing the business as we do, we didn’t want just to throw up a website that didn’t have the functionality that was needed, coupled with an ease of use so the customer can be confident the part they are ordering is the correct one for their vehicle.


We’ve had four other iterations of our website over the years in the development stage, but none of them brought exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to make sure our site was worthy of YOU. We are proud of what our site became, and we think we’ve created a good balance of usability coupled with a wealth of information and data should you need it.


We’ve spent hundreds of hours just perfecting just our search bar. Yeah, just the search bar. You can search by part type. You can search by vehicle, You can put in an old part number. Our search is smart enough to differentiate and get you to where you need, regardless of the path you choose to get there.


We’ve spent countless hours coding our products into different grades to help you easily determine the quality of product that works for you. We want to use our industry knowledge to help you keep your family vehicles safe and dependable. For more information on our product grades, take a look at https://virota.com/product-grades.


We’ve also spent a lot of time working through the lookup flow for finding parts. If you search for an air filter for a Jeep Wrangler, but the computer gives you a number that fits the 4-cylinder but not the 6-cylinder, it might as well fit a Volkswagen. We think we’ve come to a great balance of asking for just enough information at exactly the right time to consistently get you what you need. The page will ask you if we need a little more info to ensure a correct fit. It’s just that easy.


And what good are experienced people if you can’t get in touch with them? We have real people on the phones. Real people on live chat. Real people answering emails. We have customer service reps in the Eastern, Central, and Pacific time zones to increase our availability. We are easy to get in touch with, and we want to chat!


We ship incredibly quickly, we are competitively priced, and our attention to the customer is second to none. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and we mean it. Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to welcoming you as part of the Virota community!

If you made it this far, DM us on Facebook and tell them Kaleb sent you!