4 Apr 2023
A Dorman Whodunnit: Who's Cappin'

If you've been here, I'm sorry: You just took your vehicle in for some tires. Nobody likes doing it, but it's a necessary evil to make sure you and the people around you on the road are safe. It costs a pretty penny, so naturally, you sit in the waiting area annoyed that 4 tires are gonna cost you upwards of $500! 

You're annoyed, but it's understandable. You can't put a price on safety. An hour passes and they bring you your car back, you pay, and everyone goes their separate ways. You go about your day, feeling like something is off, but whatever it is is just out of reach. It's closing time and when it's all said and done, you hit the hay. 

Morning comes and it's work time, yet again. You get your coffee, head out the door and it hits you.

Your wheel caps are missing.

Now you're big mad. You call up the car repair shop that did your tires and, big surprise, no one has seen anything. A real whodunnit. Was it Mr. Mustard in Bay 2 with the wheel weight hammer?

We'll never know.

Thankfully, you know Dorman has you covered with their extensive collection of wheel cap replacements, that not only look nice but are affordable too. Don't let this happen to you, but if it does, Dorman and Virota have you covered.