We offer discounted shipping in order to keep your cost to the minimum. Since there is truly no "free" shipping (especially these days!), we feel that charging a fair shipping cost is the best way to reflect the cost it takes to get your part to you. If we "bake in" the shipping cost and offer "free" shipping, the customer potentially ends up footing more of the bill, especially if there are multiple items purchased. Our software calculates the smallest shippable package for all the items ordered and gives you shipping options based exactly on YOUR location and what YOU purchased, not some estimate.

Please note, next-day shipping does not include weekends. If an order is placed after 11:00 am Eastern on a Thursday with "next day shipping", you will not receive the order until Monday. The order would have missed the cut-off for same-day shipping, it would ship on Friday, and the carrier (FedEx) would receive it on Friday with a "next day shipping" level of service, however, their next business day is Monday, which is when you would receive the package.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

If you have a large order or have a question on the shipping cost, PLEASE reach out to us. We will look at the individual situation and will do what we can to get you accommodated.