What constitutes a warranty?


We honor all manufacturers warranties on the products we sell, which vary by company. As a rule, warranties cover defects in workmanship or materials of the products, not normal wear. Also, abuse or uses that the product wasn't designed for aren't covered either.


One of our guiding principles is to not only do right by our customers but also be a good customer for the brands that we represent. We enjoy and pass along very liberal return privileges, but we get those privileges because we don't abuse our vendors. Below are some of the things that may result in voiding of a warranty on a part:


Special requirements for warranty


Certain products have very specific and necessary repair procedures that are required for the part to perform properly. A couple of examples (not the only examples) of this are air-conditioning compressors and vehicle computers. If industry standard repair procedures aren't followed, the replacement part can be ruined almost instantly and can also take out other components. Failure to follow and document these procedures will void a warranty. If you have a question on your particular part, please ask before purchase. We are here to help and can save you a lot of dollars and headaches.


Also, if the failure of a part is due to the failure or damage to another component, warranty can be voided. A couple of examples that are common: A belt that shreds because there is damage to or misalignment of a pulley. A set of brake pads that are worn more on the leading edge of the pad vs. the trailing edge because the caliper slide is frozen. If you run into an issue like this, please reach out to us.


Other warranty


Ultimately we want to get you back on the road economically and safely, so let us know what you are running into, and we will see what we can do to help.


Tool warranties are a bit different than a part warranty, and each company handles the warranty of their product differently. As a rule, tools that are defective are eligible for either repair or replacement, depending on the company and the tool. If you have a tool warranty let us know the issue, and we will get right back to you with warranty instructions for that particular item. Tools that have been used are not eligible for return for credit, whether returned as new or warranty.


Labor Reimbursement. Virota does not reimburse labor or any other incidental costs associated with a warranty part. Our obligation is limited to the original cost of the part purchased.