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Many of you have asked us about our name – and for good reason. It’s not a word you've heard before.


A few years back, as we started looking for a company name that would reflect who we are and what we wanted to represent, we struggled to find the word or words that fit just right.


It was like we had gotten a new pickup and were trying out names on her. It had to be just right. We wanted it to say something about who we are – “It’s got to show our commitment to trustworthiness and it needs to feel strong and stable-how about we use some fancy Latin words?” Check. “It should hint at the care that we put on the table, about the increasing sustainability we are pushing for in the industry, about our “grass roots” sort of relational approach, our automotive expertise, and how important it is for us to get people back on the road.”


Because of all of that, we were drawn to two Latin words meaning green (viridi) and wheels (rotarum). As we stylized it and got used to it, it started to feel right. Virota. Now it’s simply who we are. In the end, we think that it’s the meaning that we give to the name that will make all the difference. Maybe it will mean something a little bit different to everyone we come in contact with. Hopefully it will mean something like “People who care,” or “The place that I can count on” to our customers. Thanks for visiting, take a look below for more details about what drives us.


Purpose / Cause / Passion

The world does not need another auto parts company. The world does need an auto parts supplier that is transparent, knowledgeable, reliable, and that believes by bringing together people from all areas of the auto care industry we can facilitate change. We see our job as helping supply clarity in regards to product quality, safety, repair procedures, environmental impact, and industry practices in order to help our customers maintain their vehicles in a way that meets their priorities, all the while keeping them safe and enjoyable.





This is our principal value. We talk about learning about and serving the people behind the parts. We do this by:


Valuing relationships over transactions. We work to create and maintain personal interactions built on respect, character, and humility while striving to listen, understand, and trust. We will work to communicate directly, honestly, promptly, and with care. In this same vein, we understand that not all customers are a fit for us, and we strive to not reward those customers that are abusive or demeaning to our staff. Respectful communication is a beautiful thing, and while we won't use a disrespectful customer as an excuse to respond in kind, we will not actively seek their continued business.


Seeking to create great experiences. We will not only act to consistently meet expectations by making all transactions easy, flexible, and accurate, and present a consistently welcoming interaction with all customers, but we will continuously search out opportunities to go above and beyond for customers.


Helping customers to make informed decisions. By using our industry knowledge and continual research, we will give customers accurate, timely, and relevant information and recommendations proactively, in order to allow the customer to make decisions that align with his or her priorities.


Doing the right thing every time. Embody generosity, show consistent character, and seek to understand first, and then address, the needs of others.



We see a world that is unfathomably interconnected. We understand that the actions of all of us have effects on others, so we put great emphasis on acting responsibly and empowering our customers to do the same through:


Active Conservation. Internally we boldly encourage sustainability by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Virota also advocates for and supports the development of new opportunities for responsible transportation stewardship, including the remanufacture and recycling of products.


Striving for a positive environmental impact. Beyond doing the least amount of harm, we will continuously work towards improving the consequences of past actions.


Holding the highest standards for craftsmanship and business integrity. Virota seeks to align with like-minded businesses and chooses partners, vendors, and products that share our standards. We continually evaluate the quality of the products and help consumers to understand and share the value of quality manufacturing.





Seeing mistakes as opportunities. In dealing with customers and other fellow humans, there are very few things where there is truly a black and white, right or wrong answer. We work to assess every situation to see if there are things that can be improved going forward, but never in a punitive way. We all get better when all learn from everybody’s mistakes.


Failure is not. We learn, grow, and become a better company when we push the boundaries. The more we try, the more we learn, the better we are, the more exceptional we become.


Humility. We understand that we don’t know everything there is to know. We understand that because we know something somebody else does not, it does not make us superior to them. We all know different things so we can serve by helping fill in the knowledge gaps of others, whether co-workers, customers, or vendors.

Maintaining connections to the experts. Continuously reaching out to technicians, vendors, manufacturers, and business leaders in order to keep up with our industry so as to better serve our customers.






The culture that we have as an organization defines who we are and is defined by:

Character. Setting the industry standard through hustle, integrity, and the consistent communication and execution of our mission and values.


Unique Personality. Virota encourages the individuality of people within the context of our team and community to drive innovation, expand learning, cultivate passion, and celebrate our human side.


A competent and cohesive team. We will engage together in a culture of asking, evaluating, training, and owning individual and corporate mistakes with the desire to continually raise the bar going forward.


Sustaining support and challenge. Continuously increasing expectations and accountability in support of each other, anticipating changes, being aware of potential opportunities, taking calculated risks, and passionately believing we can make a difference in the world.


Encouraging healthy rhythms in our lives.